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As your doula, I bring my experience, touch, heart, and a splash of well-timed humor to your birth day.

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Katie walked us through every stage of birth. She took notes and prepared a timeline of events for us to reflect on. She was there for everything for both of us, in whatever capacity we desired. It was as if she knew, and before we could ask, she was there. Katie was the fairy-godmother we never knew we needed, and looking back, could not imagine going without.
Lisa W.

There were many things that Katie did as our doula that we found valuable. If we had to pick one, it would be that shet helped us skillfully navigate all of the choices before us, ensuring that we understood our options and their ramifications, but always giving us the space to make the choices that we felt were best for us.
M.R. & P.B.

Katie helped both my husband and I stay centered on our goals, helped allieviate my fears and with her questions, gave me the perspective that I needed to stick with our plan of staying at home until my contractions were steady and strong.  Once we arrived at the hospital, Katie reminded us of the many different positions we could try during labor and coached us through the very long process of labor and delivery. However, she knew when my husband and I needed some time to ourselves and gave us space we did not know we needed as well.
Heather F.

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