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Choosing a doula or educator is kind of like dating – do we have the right chemistry? I think we will, but we won’t know until we meet face-to-face. This is your chance to ask me all your burning questions like “What’s your sign?” and “What’s your favorite color?”

Katie was the fairy-godmother we never knew we needed, and looking back, could not imagine going without.

Katie completely respected our desires and wishes for how we envisioned the birthing process to go. I am incredibly grateful that Katie was able to be a part of the birth of my fourth child.

Katie helped both my husband and I stay centered on our goals, helped alleviate my fears and with her questions, gave me the perspective that I needed to stick with our plan.

Katie was amazing at the birth of our son. Without her thoughtful and valuable advice, I am not sure that the birth would have been as smooth as it was.