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Childbirth Classes

Find yourself a bit too busy for a traditional childbirth education series?  Group classes not your ‘thing’?  I offer four different private childbirth class options to suit your needs.  Whether you just need a skills refresher, some birth plan help, comprehensive labor & birth education, or some postpartum planning, I can suit your needs!

Skills Building

  • Skills heavy!
  • Two hours of hands on skills instruction
  • Comfort measures for early labor, active labor, transition, and pushing
  • How to avoid and manage back labor

Birth Plan Help

  • Four hour class
  • Overview of the stages and phases of labor
  • Common interventions and reasons
  • Hands-on skills practice
  • Ways to prevent & manage back labor
  • Birth Plan exercise to help you prioritize those things which are most important to you in labor.

Bringing Baby Home

  • Plan for an optimal homecoming!
  • Two hours of newborn & postpartum strategies
  • Discuss newborn cues & sleep habits
  • Overview of baby feeding needs
  • Develop a postpartum plan for managing life with a newborn

Don't Be Shy

None of these classes quite right for you? I’m happy to customize a class that suits your particular needs.  If you are planning a cesarean, or have other unique circumstances, drop me a line & we’ll create a class that is just right for you.